KG Design Consultancy

How It's Done

With 3 steps, we learn about your brand and translate it into engaging visual content.

Step 1

Choose your style

1. Motion graphics - 2D/3D animated graphics, music and sound effects, voiceover and/or kinetic (moving) text.
2. Kinetic typography - moving text, music and sound effects. No voiceover.

Choose your length

  1. 2 to 6-second animated GIF

  2. 10 to 30-second infographic animation

  3. 60 to 90-second explainer video

Step 2

Once you've decided upon what kind of animation you would like, you will need a script. This will describe what happens in the animation and contains the dialogue of any voiceover. Based on our research and the brief, we will write an animation script jointly with you. Or if you have a script ready, we will adapt it for animation. We like to discuss the important questions, such as:

What problem is your audience facing?
What solution does your video present?
What do you want your video to say?
What aspect of your brand do you want your video to capture?

Step 3

Your idea gets storyboarded. The goal is to simplify the ideas into images that your audience can relate to and connect with. You’re presented with a series of sketches that reflect the animation progression and key events. You’ll get an idea of the timing and flow, and the general ‘feel’ of your upcoming video.

When you’re happy with the storyboard, we’ll produce a dynamic animated video ready for you to embed in your newsletter, website; and of course, share over social media.

Talk to us today and get your vision started.