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Cadbury or Whittaker's: who has the sweetest Instagram video?

It started as a photo-sharing platform, but now Instagram is quickly becoming a powerhouse for short video. But not everyone can pull them off.

We've found two tasty examples that can - Whittaker's and Cadbury are New Zealand’s biggest chocolate companies, and are both competing to be the 'King of Confection'. Some people like Cadbury, others like Whittaker’s. But who has the better Instagram? That’s what we’re here to find out!

Disclaimer: what makes good Instagram video? A good Instagram video must be brief and exciting, and able to quickly promote the brand. In order to stand out amongst the endless scrolling, it needs to meet two basic requirements:

Compels people to stop, pause and watch.

i.e., visually exciting, colourful, unique, focused.

Is memorable and stays in the mind of the audience.

i.e., content that carries substance as well as style.

The video content that does both is content born out of creativity. When it comes to making memorable video content, there’s really no substitute for pure, raw creativity.

So who has the creative edge?


Within a few years, Whittaker’s went from ‘that company that makes the Peanut Slab and K-Bars’ to being New Zealand’s single most loved brand. That began with the creation of a new target audience, ‘chocolate lovers’, and from there they built a wicked social media presence, especially on Instagram. If you live in New Zealand, you know what it's like - sometimes you just can’t help but stop, pause and drool.

Whittaker's promotional video for Kerikeri Mandarin and Fijian Ginger chocolate.

Whittaker's promotional video for Kerikeri Mandarin and Fijian Ginger chocolate.

Whittaker’s is known for their exciting, unusual flavours from New Zealand and Pacific ingredients. They have incorporated this into their video content, and have made some pretty creative visuals. For example, in this brief video, they promote their new Fijian Ginger and Kerikeri Mandarin flavour:

The video is simple - it’s a still shot of a chocolate beach, with nothing moving but rays of the Mandarin sunshine and the waves of the ocean - but it meets the requirements: visually compelling, and memorable.

The sun is represented by the mandarins of sunny Kerikeri, and the ginger looks like a swaying palm on a Fijian beach.

Whittaker’s have made sure to keep their Instagram diverse, so they don’t just stick to product promotion. During the Easter season, they made a video to promote their charity for the Kiwi bird: 20c of every chocolate Kiwi sold was donated towards protecting New Zealand’s endangered national bird.

What Do You Feel Like?

This is an example of Cadbury cleverly engaging their audience. The video shows a vinyl record, each side featuring a classic flavour, ie, Caramello or Wholenut, and on the other side is a new flavour, such as Crunchie or Oreo. The record then spins and blends the two into an exciting new combination. 

The video is asking which combination of flavour the customer would prefer. It encourages the audience to comment and provide their own flavours. The audience is both getting engaged in the brand, but also providing helpful feedback for the company to implement into their future products.

Choose Your Flavourite

With this video, we see a slot machine-esque combination of flavours, which mixes and matches before landing on two. The purpose is to get the audience on board and suggesting their own combinations of flavours.

These are just some examples of brands using video. There's plenty more great work they're doing that you can check out on their Instagram accounts, but here's a summary:


Whittaker's plays into a theme that targets their specific audience. They find many imaginative ways to promote and tell stories with their products and get excited about upcoming flavours.


Cadbury uses simple, yet effective video to reach out to their audience, and get them engaged in the creation of their product.


Both brands have awesome Instagram pages brimming with scrumptious content. They have found equally creative ways to use video to promote their products, as well as engage their audience in ways that are both valuable for the customer and the company.

Whittaker's plays more heavily into their own target audience, while Cadbury uses simple, practical videos to engage their audience. But from a creative standpoint, I reckon Whittaker's is the winner. They have much fewer posts but spend more time on each to create something unforgettable.

Pick up your phone, tap into Instagram, and check both of them out. They're both awesome.

We hope you enjoyed this comparison! We want to do more case studies on video marketing, so you are learning how to create and market fantastic content.

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