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Instagram Video for Business: What You Should Know Before You Post

Instagram has been the fastest rising social media platform in recent years. And although it’s been long stereotyped as the haven for foodies and travel photobloggers, it’s quickly becoming a big new platform for short video.

Instagram video can grab attention of your viewers amongst a sea of still images. But we’ve found that many businesses are at odds of how to get started, so we’ve compiled a list of the most basic do’s and don’ts for beginning your Instagram video presence.

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Cadbury or Whittaker's: who has the sweetest Instagram video?

Although it started as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram is quickly becoming a powerhouse for short video. But not everyone can pull them off.

We've found two tasty examples that can - Whittaker's and Cadbury are New Zealand’s biggest chocolate companies, and are both competing to be the 'King of Confection'. Some people like Cadbury, others like Whittaker’s. But who has the better Instagram? That’s what we’re here to find out!

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How to use natively uploaded video to quickly boost your SEO

We all agree one thing: SEO is a serious part of digital marketing. It pervades every aspect of copywriting. Yet when it comes to video, some of us get a bit lazy, as if the rules of SEO no longer apply.

A lot of this comes down to our own level of understanding of SEO, and understanding the platforms on which we post our video content.

So we’ve written these tips on how to use your video content natively, make the best use of your platform and get a higher SEO ranking.

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Using Animations for Emotion in Storytelling

What kind of role does animation play in storytelling?

I’ve been learning more about the emotional side of branding and marketing. We're constantly exposed to moving images on billboards, YouTube ads and our Facebook news feed, and they're all trying to gain a reaction.

Generally speaking, advertisers want to hit an emotional spark from their viewers. As a result, more and more marketing content is entering the animated realm. Animated film and video have a special capacity to express the specific motivations that drive a business. Emotion, motion and motivation are all tied together. These words all have the Latin root word 'motum', which means to move, shake up and excite.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Using Animated GIFs

Last year, GIF hosting website Giphy released some statistics. According to them, over 2 million hours of GIFs are viewed via their website.

Every single day. That’s a lotta gif.

Because we all love GIFs. They’re fun, easy to share, and they can quickly grab your attention amongst the sea of social media noise.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that businesses and marketers are catching on to the GIF gravy train. I mean, a fun, shareable and attention-grabbing piece of content is basically every marketer’s dream.

But it’s important to know how to use them in your marketing, so here are our do’s and don’ts to help you implement GIFs into your marketing strategy:

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